Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading Flannery O'Connor

If you don't know her, make your acquaintance with her now! Flannery O'Connor is Georgia's most famous (and rightly so!) author. Andy has been reading her stories and novels many times over for years now. On Tuesday, July 14, he drove over to Andalusia in Milledgeville to visit the old dairy farm where she wrote a good many of her shocking (or so some say) stories. A devout and hard-nosed Christian (Roman Catholic, not Baptist), O'Connor has earned first-prize in America's literary circles. She died when only thirty-nine years old of lupus. Surely God has welcomed her into his everlasting arms; she suffered with and for Christ, all the while demonstrating what a writer can do when captured by the grace of God. Get her stuff and read it!

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Vote4SafePregnancy said...

Reading Flannery O'Connor's fiction is abrupt and rude. Just like divine grace. Flannery O'Connor is an offensive writer