Friday, July 10, 2009

Our July 4 Weekend

Last weekend Lisa, Tim, Katie, Amy, Kevin, Mary Carol, Jackson, Hayden, Carole and Hugh, Sara Beth and Matt, Chris and Stan were over (some for several days) for our Independance Day celebration and family reunion of sorts. The big news is that Jackson and Hayden, both of whom had never dared to tub before, gathered up their courage and danced the Big Bob on the lake. Then on the evening of July 4, we entered our boat in the Boat Parade and, singing "God Bless America" for all we were worth, somehow managed to get an "honorable mention" award from the judges (Amy swears it was "pity reward") with a crisp $50 bill. After that thrill, we join the hundreds of boats in a moonlit flotilla up river. It was absolutely wonderful, fireworks booming all around us. When we got back, Kevin and the kids put on their on booming display, and then we all went to bed, some with a beer, and all with good dreams.

For some pix of all that went on (but not all, what goes on at the lakehouse, stays at the lakehouse!), visit Photobucket (no password necessary; the whole world can take a peek!).
Our thanks go out to Lisa and Amy who submitted photos (as always, edited!).

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