Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lora, Kirk, Madalyn, and Simone Come to the Lakehouse

Over the weekend of October 17 and 18, Lora, Kirk, Madalyn, and her friend Simone gave us a wonderful visit. It has been such a long time since June and I have been able to chat with our Nashville clan! With a lovely evening boat ride, some grand tubbing (so grand that Madalyn lost her bikini bottoms!), and lots of good food, beer, and wine to share, it was absolutely lovely. Madalyn repants herself in the water, we all went to St. John Lutheran Church on Sunday, and we found out that Madalyn, even as an eighth grader, has already scored 23 on her pre-ACT test. Cheers to you, granddaughter! And Simone was such a delight! On Sunday afternoon, later than we anticipated, we said good-bye to one another, and the Nashville Harnacks headed down to Charleston for a week on the beach. Thanks for coming, y'all!

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