Thursday, April 02, 2009

On Tuesday June and Andy spent the day house-hunting, all to no avail. Not knowing what we're really looking for doesn't help. So we are continually (at least for now) rethinking location, price, size, style, the cost of maintaining a place, how much lawn to mow, and so on. Andy would rather be reading a good book or taking a long walk.

Again on Wednesday we spent another day traipsing around homes, some empty, some looking as though Mt. Etna just erupted so that the dwellers fled moments ago. Nothing looked as though it was left empty or recently unoccupied just for us. Buying a house is not so much a choice as set of eliminations. Not this one, not that one: oh dear, this must be it! Opps! Wrong again!

Today--Thursday-it's raining cows and bulls. Andy is staying mostly inside all day, only going out to drive down to the lake dam to watch the three-foot wave of khaki-colored water throw itself continually over the precipice, a sheer drop of some eighty feet into the Ocmulgee below. It's our very own Niagara Falls! Standing near the edge, one can hear the great roar; it does, in fact, sound like Niagara Falls.

While June looks online at real estate, Andy is working his way through two books: Kathleen Norris' Acedia and Me and Ched Myers' Binding the Strong Man. Both excellent.

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