Saturday, March 07, 2009

Andy becomes at oblate at Mt. Tabor Benedictine Monastery

On Sunday, March 1, during Morning Prayer with the Benedictine sisters of Mt. Tabor Monastery, Andy was received into the community as an oblate. Having studied the Rule of St. Benedict intensely for more than a year, Andy promised to support the Benedictine community with his prayers and way of life that would give glory to God, especially as that glory is manifest by a life of hospitality, the special mission of Mt. Tabor Monastery. With June, Harry Smiley, and Danielle and Stan Brown, and all the sisters supporting him with their prayers, Andy is looking forward to his renewed prayer life and the rededication of his life to obedience to the Gospel.


John said...

Congratulations! The world needs more oblates.

A deep part of Christian spirituality is in monasticism.

Please continue to write about your oblate experiences.

Andrew said...

Goodnes, gracious, John! You posting of such a thoughtful comment was surely a speedy one! I had hardly posted when it popped up. Tomorrow I will add your website to my life of good place to visit. And you can be sure that I'll tell the story of my oblate life as it develops. Thanks again for your encouragement.

Andrew said...

"my life of good place" ? Good grief! Let it read: "Tomorrow I will add your website to my list of good places to visit." And I--a professor of English? Obviously I need to be in retirement, as I most certainly am.